Roman Catholic Notes for your Visitation Bible #3

Roman Catholic #3

Mass: The Catholics teach that the Lord’s supper is a sacrament where the bread and wine literally turn into the body and blood of Christ.

  1. Heb 10:1,10-12,14,18 – Christ’s sacrifice was “once for all”.
  2. John 6:48-63 – This is their proof text.
    1. Vs 57 – Did Jesus ever eat God the Father?
    2. Vs 63 – Interpretation: passage is spiritual and not physical.
  3. Gen 9:4 – Drinking blood wrong before the Law.
  4. Lev 17:11 – Drinking blood wrong under the Law.
  5. Acts 15:20 – Drinking blood wrong under Grace.
  6. Acts 21:25 – Gentiles not just Jews.
    1. Heb 9:27 – If mass is not real blood, then it can’t remit sins. (They claim it’s “unbloody” blood.
  7. I Cor 13:20-21 – Gentile sacrifices are to devils today.

Image Worship: Most Catholic churches are full of idols.

  1. Ex 20:4,5 – 2nd commandment. Although RC lists ignore it.
  2. Lev 26:1 – Don’t bow down to images.
  3. Deut 4:15-19 – Don’t worship them.
  4. Is 44:17 – God mocks praying to images.

Apocrypha: The Romans Catholics add extra books to the Old Testament and they curse anyone that rejects them.

  1. Luke 24:44 – The Old Testament canon according to Jesus Christ.  He omits the Apocrypha.
  2. Acts 17:28 – Paul quotes Aratus of Cilicia (pagan poet), but no one in the New Testament would quote the Apocrypha

Seven Reasons why the King James Translators kept the Apocrypha out of the Old Testament.

  1. None in Hebrew
    1. All in Greek, 1 in Latin.
  2. No writer claims inspiration.
  3. Never acknowledged by Jews as Scripture.
  4. Never allowed in canon in first 4 centuries of church.
  5. Contains fabulous statements, statements that contradict Scripture.
    1. 3 deaths of Antiochus Epiphanes.
  6. Inculcates doctrine at variance with the Bible.
    1. Prayers for the dead.
    2. Sinless perfection.
  7. Teaches immoral practices.
    1. Lying, suicide, assassination, magic.

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