Notes For Dealing With the Self Righteous. For Your Visitation Bible


The ULTIMATE QUESTION: Will you trust your righteousness or the “Righteousness of God” to get you through the judgment?


Matt 22:37 – The Bible has high standards.  The inside (heart) counts as much as the outside.

Acts 17:31 – The ultimate standard for righteousness is Jesus Christ. He kept Matt 22:37

Rom 2:16 – Repeat.

Job 31 – The Righteousness of Job.

Job 40:1-14 – Job’s reaction after comparing himself to God. EVANGELICAL REPENTANCE.

Acts 10:1-6 – Righteousness of Cornelius. Still not saved.

Phil 3:3-9 – Righteousness of Saul.

Luke 18:9-14 – Righteousness of lost Pharisee. He wasn’t justified.

Luke 18:18-25 – Righteousness of rich young ruler.  Kept outside commandments but not, “Thou shalt not covet” (inside).

Is 64:6 – God’s opinion of the righteousness of Man.

Bible definitions of sin: Not just 10 commandments.  NONE have kept these.

I John 5:17 – All unrighteousness.

I John 3:4 – Any transgression of the Law.

James 4:17 – Not doing good when you could have.

Rom 14:23 – Whatsoever is not of faith.

Prov 24:9 – Thought of foolishness.

Remedy: Seek and find the “Righteousness of God”

Matt 6:33 – Seek it first.

2 Cor 5:21 – Christ suffered so we could get righteousness.

Rom 4:5 – It is given to a man by faith in Christ. Not by works.


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