The Hofjuden or “Court Jew” Fallacy Part 3

Part 1 of this series gave a Biblical illustration of how anti-Semitism is part and parcel of the conspiracy theory movement in these last days.

Part 2 defined the Hofjuden phenomenon and gave the first and greatest type of it in the Scriptures: Joseph.

Part 3 will show, Lord willing, how the Hofjuden phenomenon morphs into the Hofjuden fallacy that is committed by all anti-Semites and how it has played out throughout history.  Anti-semites aren’t smart enough, unfortunately, to see how these things work on their own.  

After seeing how Joseph was used to bring in a totalitarian system in Egypt, we shall now see other examples of this in history.  


Jewish bankers have been a great boogeyman for Gentiles in the last 1000 or so years.  As we saw in the last article in this series, the term “Hofjuden” was originally limited to Jewish bankers. Of course there is truth in that many Hofjuden have played a large part in the various schemes of international bankers.  However the Hofjuden are not the main players any more than Joseph in Genesis 41-50. Pharaoh was the power.  Not Joseph.  Joseph was the Hofjude or figurehead.  

Anti-Semites would have us believe that the groups like the Rothschilds control even the Vatican, while the reverse is true.  Rothschilds are controlled by the Vatican.  

If the Jewish bankers have run the world for the last century or two, why did they allow the Holocaust?

Let’s review the ridiculous timeline proposed by the anti-Semites.

Around 1800: The Jewish bankers took over the world.

Around 1930: Jewish bankers weren’t strong enough to keep raging anti-Semite Adolf Hitler out of power in Germany.

1940-1945:  Jewish bankers watch silently as 6 million Jews are slaughtered by Nazis.

Of course this leads into “Holocaust denial” and you cannot argue with that line of thinking.  So we don’t try.  These articles aren’t for anti-Semites.  They’re for people who want to know why conspiracy theorists so often turn into anti-Semites.  

The Holocaust is one of the most documented events of history.  Questioning the Holocaust means that nothing is historically true.  This may be fine for some, but the Bible Believer should know better.  If you can’t prove things historically, then you can’t prove that the Bible is true.  The history of fulfilled prophecy is reason #1 that the Bible is true.  This main proof of the Divine inspiration of the Bible is gone if you can’t prove things historically.

The Holocaust is itself an example of fulfilled prophecy.  You’ll find prophecies about the Holocaust in Leviticus and Deuteronomy and it is found in some Bible translations as a translation of the whole burnt offerings in the Old Testament.  But all this is disregarded in the anti-Semite’s blind rejection of truth and facts.  

The Jewish banker does NOT rule the world.  They are used as Hofjuden by the world’s elite with the Devil at the top and the Devil’s bride, the Roman Catholic Church, running the show.  These things should be fairly clear if you know any Bible or history.  The Bible says that the kings of the earth have committed fornication with Mystery Babylon, not Jewish bankers.  See Revelation 17 and 18.

Other Examples

The Hofjuden have found themselves in the middle of the debate about the truth of the Bible.  Baruch Spinoza is said by many to be the founder of Biblical Criticism.  The Wikipedia article on “Historical Criticism” says, “Historical criticism as applied to the Bible began with Benedict Spinoza.”  While it is true that Spinoza had a great impact on the intellectual movement against the Scripture, it is also true that Richard Simon (the Roman Catholic priest) was saying the same if not worse lies about the Bible.  Spinoza also had a Jesuit handler in the (ex-Jesuit) Franciscus van den Enden.  If you know the history, you should know to be very suspicious of “ex” Jesuits.

Of course the Jews are blamed for controlling the media, but there is no reason to ignore the pro-Catholic bias also inherent in that corrupt institution.  The idea of Hofjuden fits this group as well.

Hofjuden can be found in Big Medicine and we also have a great example of a Hofjuden in Sigmund Freud who was from the University of Vienna.  This university has been a headquarters of the counter-Reformation since the 1500s.  Universities are recruiting tools for Catholic agents and these Hofjuden are exactly what they’re looking for.  Jesuits and other Roman Catholic educators have been lurking in the dark corners of the history of Big Medicine and especially Psychology for centuries.  To blame Freud for all the damaging influences of Psychology on modern society is shallow.  But anti-Semites are shallow, so it follows…

Surely, people are familiar with the Hofjuden that have been involved in politics since the creation of the institution and modern examples would be men like Henry Kissinger.  An even more modern example is Volodymyr Zelensky, the current President of Ukraine (also a former TV star.)  Our thesis about Hofjuden fits these examples perfectly.

Our thesis even applies on the smaller scale where Hofjuden can be found involved in the mafia and organized crime.  Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel are the prime examples although the Russian Mafia also has Hofjuden as influential players.  

The Best Example: Communism

While Joseph is the greatest type of Hofjuden in the Bible, Karl Marx is the greatest example of a Hofjuden in history.  Please understand that although they are both great examples of Hofjuden, they share almost no moral or spiritual characteristics.  Joseph was a great man of God.  Marx was a great man of the devil as thoroughly demonstrated by Richard Wurmbrand in his book, Marx and Satan.  Nevertheless, they were both used by greater powers to accomplish an end.  Remember in part 2 we pointed out that the term Hofjuden is neither positive or negative, only neutral.

This will come as a shock to some, but Karl Marx did not invent communism.  The ideas of communism were put forth in 1516 by Roman Catholic saint and avowed enemy of Protestantism, Thomas More, in his book Utopia.  The Wikipedia article on the book is a great illustration of the unusual methods employed to cover up the tracks of the elite. In the article’s description of the society described in the book, it plainly describes communism and yet there is nothing to say that this is book marks (“Marx”) the creation of the thought behind the political system of communism.  They are forced to admit the truth, but the articles doesn’t make the connection.  The reader is forced to do so himself.  In so doing, the unthinking liberal or conspiracy theorist is unable to see the connection.

Some quotes from the book:

“…they are so different from our establishment, which is founded on property (there being no such thing among them),” pg 29.

“I must freely own that as long as there is any property, and while money is the standard of all other things, I cannot think that a nation can be governed either justly or happily:”  pg 30.

Yes, the society in Utopia isn’t atheistic communism, but the similarities between Utopia and Marxism can only be ignored by a crooked heart.  They’re the same.  Utopia is communistic.  Thomas More invented communism not Marx.

Not only did Roman Catholics invent communism, they also were the first to implement it.  Yes, there were Paris Communes before the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, but Paris wasn’t the first place to implement the ideas of communism.  We must go back to the “reductions” in colonial South America for that.

After the conquest of South and Central America by the soldiers of Spain and Portugal, the Roman Catholic Whore’s soldiers followed in their wake.  Franciscans, Dominicans, and especially Jesuits poured into the New World with the mission of “civilizing” the native populations and making them good Catholics.  

One of the most widespread ways of accomplishing this was to organize what has become known as the “reduction”.  When Doctor Ruckman spoke of “Soviet Catholicism,” this would have to be the primary historical precedent.  The state religion of Roman Catholicism was enforced with guns and knives.  Every person was ordered about by the state and the state was the Jesuit or Roman Catholic dictator who ran everything.  It was the opposite of what we would call a “free society”.  

The information about these “reductions” isn’t hard to find, but only if you search for them specifically.  Their connection to communism and Thomas More is almost ignored by historians and the fact that there were allowances for a small amount of personal property is used to make the case that the “reductions” were not communistic.  People with a sound mind are able to see that as bad reasoning.  

FYI one of the conspiracy theories about the reductions is that they plundered the wealth of the Spanish Empire and formed the basis for the Jesuit and Roman Catholic control of the world’s economy.  It looks like the money was then used and invested in the Swiss banking system and the “City of London” run by the “Lord Mayor of London” which is different from the London and Mayor of London that we are all familiar with.  These organizations, along with “Wall Street” are the shadowy elites and international bankers that so many conspiracy minded individuals harp on.  All the while, these conspiracy people cannot see who’s at the top of this ungodly mess: the Devil and his bride, the Roman Catholic Church.  

If you will take the time to look up these facts about Thomas More and the “reductions”, you will see the truth about the origin of Communism.

Here is where the Hofjuden come in.  Rome and her Jesuits needed a scapegoat before they could start using Communism on the nations of Europe (again with the goal of plundering that country and flat out killing a bunch of their people).  

Up comes German Jew, Karl Marx.  Smart enough to write like he did, yet stupid enough to be used as he was.  Now the world can blame the Jews for Communism and Rome and its Jesuits get off “scot free”.  You have to admit the plan was genius. 

Notice the countries that were historically conquered by Communism.  Orthodox Russia.  The Protestant parts of Germany.  Orthodox Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Romania.  Vietnam, which had started fighting against its Roman Catholic leaders.  Korea and China had butted heads with Rome for hundreds of years before the Communists showed up.  

Yes, you can include Roman Catholic countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia, but those countries haven’t always “played ball” with Rome.  Please note the historical acceptance of Jews in Poland in spite of Rome’s animosity towards the Jewish people.  And the fact that the Moravians and John Hus came from Czechoslovakia.  

Rome “had a bone to pick” with every one of these countries. Communism was weaponized and used to punish those countries that haven’t always submitted to the Man of Sin in Rome.

The historical data fits my thesis.  Roman Catholics invented Communism (Thomas More). They perfected the implementation of it (Latin American “Reductions”).  They used a Hofjude to keep their noses clean (Karl Marx).  They then used communism to punish some of its historical enemies and as a means of making a profit from them.  

Communism is the greatest example of the use of Hofjuden in history.  Anti-semites aren’t smart enough to see through the smokescreen.  They have issues in their hearts that make them jealous of Jewish people and their gifts and talents.  

Read and believe your Bible and then let God sort through history for you.  If the Bible is your Final Authority, the pieces of the puzzle of history will fit into place.

History will culminate with another Hofjude, the Antichrist (Dan 11:37,38 and the type of AC: Judas who was a Jew), being used by Rome and the political elites and, ultimately, the devil himself.  This man and his world system will be overthrown by a Jew: The Lord Jesus Christ.  And for the final millennium of this world’s history, the Jews will rule over the world.  

It has been said that every heresy is a truth misplaced. The theory that the Jews rule the world is not true presently, but it will be in the future.  Ignorant and conceited conspiracy theorists are in the wrong dispensation.  

Hopefully, this series has been a blessing to you and helped you see why anti-Semites are all messed up and how to avoid falling for the same trap: the Hofjuden fallacy.  


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