“God Loves Everyone”

This weekend, at a “funnymentalist” church in FL, we heard time after time the statement, “God loves everyone”.  Their tracts (which are sadly typical) all tell the sinner to recognize that God loves them.

Later, the song leader got up and said that he was thankful that “God loved him.”  I hope that you are not so brainwashed that you fail to see the problem here.  “God loves everyone” but I am so happy that he loves me?  Well, he supposedly loves everyone, so where’s the pressure coming from?

The clear way to answer this is to go to the Bible verses that say that God doesn’t love everyone.  We know that he “loved” everyone at Calvary by dying for them, but that verb tense matters.  All the cross references are in the past tense.  Proving that God does not love the world in the present tense. Today, God only loves men that come through Calvary to him.  Apart from that, he does not love them.  See John 3:36, Ps 5:5, Prov 6:16-19.

But to go a different direction, let me demonstrate the fallacy of thinking it’s good to make statements like “God loves everyone.”

Try to follow the logic:

To say that God loves everyone is the same as saying that God hates everyone.  Always remember the foundational truth that “You have to hate weeds in order to love flowers.”  If you say that you love weeds and flowers, you mean nothing.  Love involves some jealousy (SofS 8:6).  You cannot love flowers and weeds.  That is hate, because weeds kill flowers.

So let me end this article with some statements that are as absurd as “God loves everyone.”


Everyone is tall.

Everyone is smart.

Everyone is good looking.


I am trying to illustrate the law of opposites.  You cannot have love without hate.  You cannot have tall without short.  You cannot have fat without skinny.  You cannot have smart without dumb.  These general truths are never contradicted in the Bible and in fact, they are clearly upheld.  I am so thankful that God loves me (I John 4:10).  That means something because of who God is: he is an almighty, holy Creator whose name is Jehovah, who is jealous (Ex 20:5, 34:14).  He loves me, but he doesn’t love everyone.

As usual, more could be said.  For more info, see God is Love by Doctor Ruckman.

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