McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 2

Part 1 Before we dive into a correction of the mistakes of McMurtry's newest video, I want to illustrate the thinking and logic problems of the followers of Steven Anderson.  This is from a conversation this week where I try to get an Andersonite to read one of my articles... Me: Are you sure he … Continue reading McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 2


McMurtry on Dispensations: Part. 1

So Anderson's buddy, Tommy McMurtry, has begun a series of videos about Dispensationalism.  This will be a great example of the deceptiveness of the New IFB movement.  They give more Bible references than the typical Fundy, but they are very deceptive in so doing.  It admittedly takes a lot of work to watch all their … Continue reading McMurtry on Dispensations: Part. 1