Hitchens KJV-Only?

In case you are wondering who we are talking about, this is unashamed God-hater Christopher Hitchens (who has since gone on to give an account to that God who he hated so much, unfortunately.)   When recalling the funeral service of his conservative, British navy veteran father, whom he called “the commander,” he describes how … Continue reading Hitchens KJV-Only?


Answers to “70 Questions For King James Only Advocates”

  These questions are found at the Church of Christ website entitled http://www.bible.ca.  These people are dangerous heretics that teach the damnable doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration.  There are other teachings espoused on this website that a Bible Believer needs to be wary of.  The following series of questions come from an article on the site … Continue reading Answers to “70 Questions For King James Only Advocates”