McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 5

Tommy McMurtry continues to spread false information about dispensationalism and we will continue to correct his distortions and false reasoning.  This will be accomplished by the Grace of God, of course.  Here, we discuss his fifth video in the series. The topic at hand is, "The Church and Israel."  McMurtry begins by stating that the … Continue reading McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 5


McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 4

We will continue our series of articles about the distortions and faulty logic of Tommy McMurtry.  In this article, we will demonstrate a healthy supply of both from him. Part 4 is called, "Where Dispensationalism Leads?"  In most of the video, McMurtry ends up spouting arguments that could just as easily apply to himself.  This … Continue reading McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 4