Answers In Genesis Doesn’t “Mind The Gap”

Answers In Genesis (AIG) has been very helpful in my Christian life.  But in this article, they horribly misrepresent the Gap Theory.  Regardless of what a person believes on the issue, Christians have the responsibility to “not bear false witness.”  They (we) need to accurately represent what others believe regardless of our feelings toward them.

You will notice this phenomenon in other places.  Christ and Paul accurately represented what the Jews believed at that time.  Muhammad did not.  There are many misrepresentations of Christianity and Judaism in the Quran.  AIG should have the common decency to get to the bottom of the issue.  They utterly fail in this article.  

Lord willing, we will help them out here and in so doing, we’d like to help anyone who is on the fence on this issue.  Believe whatever you like about the Gap.  But don’t take AIG’s word for what the Gap FACT is.

As usual, my comments are in bold.

Begin article.


The gap theory is simply compromise. We shall see, my friend.  We shall see.  It is an attempt to harmonise the facts of Scripture with the ideas of fallen men.  Here is the first big misrepresentation.  The “fact” is that the Gap Fact is a way to give the best explanation as to when Lucifer fell.  I couldn’t care less about the ideas of fallen men and to say that I’m trying to harmonise with them is ridiculous.  AIG should know better.

When boarding or alighting a train, bus, or coach, riders are always told to “mind the gap”—to beware of the gap into which we could fall, get trapped, and suffer injury or harm. Unfortunately, this is what is happening to those who believe the so-called gap theory, which teaches that there is a gap between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. Pure poppycock.  The believers of this theory are being trapped by a position of compromise, and subsequently, their belief harms their interpretation of Scripture. Hogwash.

What Is the Gap Theory?

Although there are variations, the basic teaching of the gap theory is that millions of years ago God created the universe and everything in it as recorded in Genesis 1:1. You need to be informed of something.  I know thousands of people who believe the Gap Fact.  None of them, except some goofballs I’ve read on the internet, believe that there are “millions of years” in the Gap.  No one knows how long.  My “Gun To The Head” guess is that the Gap is 2,000 years to match the Church Age.  But that is just a guess.  Sometime during the subsequent millions of year, Lucifer (i.e., Satan) rebelled and was thrown to earth. “Thrown to earth” is dubious.  Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 sure make it look like Lucifer was already in control of the Earth before his fall.  Afterwards, he was cast down from his position above the throne of God (Eze 28:16).  This resulted in Lucifer’s Flood, which destroyed all plant and animal life on earth, thus producing the fossil record in the rock layers.  Most “Gappers” that I know of, don’t take a strong stand like this.  I, for one, think that most of the fossil record and rock layers came from Noah’s flood.  

At the same time as this flood, the earth was plunged into darkness and thus became “without form and void” as recorded in Genesis 1:2. Notice how AIG doesn’t try to explain where the “without form and void” stuff came from.  The don’t try to explain it because they can’t.  The gap theory teaches that the fossils found in the earth’s crust are relics of the originally perfect world that God created, As stated above, this is not necessarily true.  which was supposedly destroyed before the six literal days of creation (or re-creation) recorded in Genesis 1:3–31.

Who First Popularized the Gap Theory in the Church?

In 1814, Dr. Thomas Chalmers, a respected Scottish Presbyterian minister began to advocate the idea of a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. The reason for this was not theological—it was geological. By interpreting the first two verses of Genesis in this way, Dr. Chalmers felt that he could accommodate the views of the geologists of his day who were teaching millions of years, while at the same time maintaining a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation.

Who gives a rip?  What saith the Scripture?  That is our question.  Trying to turn it into a question of “Who first popularized” it is the garbage mentality of foolish Roman Catholics.  If Chalmers had impure motives for teaching the Gap, that’s his problem.  Who cares?

And don’t forget the nature of history.  There could have been thousands of people who preached the Gap Fact before Chalmers.  History can’t prove they didn’t.  This historical line of reasoning is foolish.  What saith the Scriptures?

Why Is the Gap Theory So Popular?

The gap theory is popular because it appears to present an interpretation of Genesis that offers rather impressive evidence for a position that does not radically challenge the evolutionary timetable of geology. Hogwash.  The Gap Fact isn’t “popular”.  And any popularity that it might have is because it gives a proper explanation for the events surrounding Lucifer’s fall that AIG never deals with.  However, this idea compromises the doctrine of the unity and completeness of the creation account. False.  AIG compromises the doctrine of the unity and completeness of Genesis 1 by failing to properly explain Lucifer’s fall.  Furthermore, it seriously compromises the original perfection of the world, No.  AIG compromises this by not explaining where the “Without form and void” and “darkness” came from.  Those words don’t describe “perfection”.  They describe JUDGMENT.  Any honest reader of the Bible knows this.  the genetic continuity of fossil and living forms, the totality of Adam’s dominion Adam was never given control over OUTER SPACE in Genesis 1 and you know it!, the uniqueness of the Edenic Curse, and the global nature of Noah’s Flood. False.  The Gap Fact doesn’t compromise those last two points.  They are not connected at all.  

Redefining “Very Good” of Genesis 1:31

The gap theory must redefine the “very good” of Genesis 1:31 because God would have to place Adam, as a very late arrival, in a world that had just been destroyed! Well, that’s why the Bible says “made” in Genesis 1:31.  The “very good” doesn’t describe all of creation.  It describes all of the things that were just “made” in the preceding verses.  They are two different words with different meanings.  Adam would have been walking on the graveyard of literally billions and billions of dead creatures, including the dinosaurs, over which he had never exercised dominion. Not necessarily as stated above.  God would have placed him in a world that would be the domain of a fallen and wicked being (i.e., Satan). No, Adam was clearly the ruler of earth (vs 28-30).  But guess who controlled outer space or the second heaven?  Lucifer.  He still does. (Eph 2:2)  This is contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture, as we shall see. Sure…

Death before Adam

The gap theory teaches that there were pre-Adamic men and women who were destroyed by Lucifer’s flood. Maybe.  Gap teachers argue about the the presence of Pre-Adamic man all the time.  Their existence changes nothing about the Gap Fact.  This teaching also implies that the pre-Adamites did not possess an eternal soul and so could not be saved.  Objection.  AIG is vering way off into implications that no one implies and have no bearing on whether there is a Gap or not.  This statement should be stricken from the record.  The gap theory assumes that animals, including carnivores and omnivores, were dying millions of years before Adam. Same objection as above.  Yet Scripture tells us that death is the result of Adam’s sin (Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:22). AIG knows and admits that Satan fell before Adam.  Romans 5 is talking about Adam as the federal head of mankind.  We (mankind) die because of Adam.  But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t sin and death before Adam.  AIG knows there was.  The whole of creation groans and travails in pain (Romans 8:22) because God cursed it after Adam sinned. Adam’s sin is not in view in Romans 8.  AIG is only imagining that it is.  Animal death and human death were results of the Curse; they were not part of God’s original creation.  True.  Just like the “without form and void” and “darkness” were not part of the original creation.  They were the result of Lucifer’s fall.  

The gap theory teaches the existence of pre-Adamic men and women who were destroyed by Lucifer’s flood. Consequently, any human fossils that are found (e.g., the Neanderthals, the hobbits, the Cro-Magnon people, etc.) are considered to be pre-Adamites who have nothing to do with mankind today, even though some of these so-called pre-Adamites are identical to us. Maybe.  Maybe not.  Doesn’t affect the fact that Lucifer fell after Genesis 1:1 and before 1:2.  This teaching also implies that these pre-Adamites did not possess an eternal soul and so could not be saved.  Same objection as before.  

The Nature of the Original Creation

Most gap theory advocates claim that the original creation of Genesis 1:1 existed for millions of years but that God in His Word leaves us no clear evidence about its existence. False.  Few believe that there was millions of years.  This means that we know nothing about the order of the events of that creation; False.  We know plenty.  nothing about its features; and nothing about its history, which would have constituted over 99.9% of the earth’s history, since the time from Genesis 1:2 to present day is chronologically calculated to only about 6,000 years. It is then left up to the evolutionists to fill these gaps in our knowledge.  This is a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts by AIG.  The premise (Gap includes millions of years) is false and therefore the conclusion (Gappers don’t know most of history and are reliant on evolutionists to help us) is also false.  

Noah’s Flood/Lucifer’s Flood

Noah’s Flood is taught to have been a localised and a somewhat tame affair since all the sedimentary rocks and fossils that are found on the earth today are the result of Lucifer’s flood. Absolutely and ridiculously FALSE.  I know absolutely no one who believes in a Gap and a local flood of Noah.  Do better AIG.  Proponents of the gap theory therefore teach that the sedimentary rocks and fossils are the result of a universal, cataclysmic flood that is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible and not the result of the global Flood of Noah’s day to which three whole chapters of Genesis are devoted.

Furthermore, the only universal cataclysmic flood referred to in the New Testament is Noah’s Flood. Jesus referred to it in Matthew 24:37–39 and Peter referred to it in 2 Peter 3:5–7. But no reference to the so-called Lucifer’s flood is found anywhere in the New Testament. False.  2 Peter 3:5-7 describe Lucifer’s flood and it is AIG who is “willingly ignorant”.  “The earth standing out of the water and in the water” is a description of the universal flood of Lucifer and not the global flood of Noah.  The “heavens” of vs 7 were affected by Lucifer’s flood and not Noah’s flood.  To pretend otherwise is believe a foolish abortion of the text.  


The gap theory is simply compromise.  This relatively modern theory has been formulated in the last couple hundred years in an attempt to harmonise the facts of Scripture with the ideas of fallen men. This compromise view is designed to accommodate those who believe in millions of years. Proponents of the gap theory have reinterpreted Scripture to try to make it fit the idea of millions of years. The gap theory does not rest upon the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture but is founded upon the shifting sands of the ideas of those who want to believe the evolutionary teaching of millions of years. No wonder we should mind the gap.

No.  AIG’s failure to deal with the timing of the fall of Lucifer is pathetic.  The Gap Fact doesn’t compromise with anything.  To blazes with evolution and millions of years.  What saith the Scriptures? I believed what AIG said about the Gap until I found that they had completely misrepresented it.  When I found the truth of the matter.  I changed my mind and believe the Gap Fact to be a better representation of the facts of Scripture, especially as they pertain to the timeline of Lucifer.

I hope this article was a help to you.


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