Michael Shermer On The Resurrection: Typical $cientist

This holiday season tends to bring the creepy crawlies out of the woodwork.  I’m not speaking of any insect or lizard emerging from its winter den, but of a much more slimy creature: the modern, self-righteous, mind worshiping atheist.  As we watch all nature come alive (resurrect) from the dead of winter, all humans are given an in-your-face “type” of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Atheists and Christians alike know that without the truth of the literal resurrection of Christ, the religion of the New Testament falls apart.  All the apostles knew this.  Read I Cor 15 to see this concept spelled out clearly.  Even in their ignorance, atheists know this, too.

So in their emotional panic from watching the spring season, atheists get really hot and bothered during spring about the Resurrection and turn to blogs, emails, news articles, and social media posts to attack the truth.  Jesus Christ did die.  He did rise again three days later (not the one day of Roman Catholic fiction). From that point we end up believing what we believe.  Once again, atheists know that.  So they attack.  No problem.  No quarter asked.  None given.

Today, I’d like to look at Michael Shermer’s short article on the subject.  His type likes to be thought of as logical, reasonable, and honest.  We will show that he is none of these things.  He also lacks basic reading skills.  Sad, but not rare in his circles.

His article is titled, “What Is Truth Anyway? How to think about claims, even the Resurrection.”  Written in 2017, it was reposted a couple of times yesterday.  Link.  And let’s just say that after reading the article, “the fire burned.” (Ps 39:3)

He begins by claiming that there are some truths we can know for sure.  He writes, “There are many propositions for which we have adequate grounds for certainty as to their truth.”  Of course, we as Bible Believers agree with him.  But he brings up different examples that he is supposedly sure of and we find that there are a few problems.


I made an incorrect conclusion on something Shermer wrote. I have deleted the relevant section. To the commenter who said “Christians can’t change and fix themselves.” I say this: you are mistaken friend.

End Edit:

As usual, the worshippers of the religion of $cientism think that when lying, bias, and error prone human beings don lab coats and get in front of a microscope that they lose their lying, bias, and ability to make errors.  Honest human beings CANNOT believe this.  It’s a mountain too high for us to climb.  In spite of all evidence, Shermer believes this to be true.

The classic example is the back and forth that so-called Science did about the Brontosaurus where they say they found a new dinosaur called a Brontosaurus and then they decided it was actually an Apatosaurus and then they changed again and decided it really was actually a Brontosaurus.  But somehow science is “True by observation”?  No way, Jose.

He continues by saying, “Dinosaurs went extinct around 65 million years ago. True by verification and replication of radiometric dating techniques for volcanic eruptions above and below dinosaur fossils.”  Of course he forgets (or purposefully omits) that radiometric dating only works if we assume that “the present is the key to the past”.  He assumes this by FAITH in spite of the evidence that the past included many events that changed how that stuff works, like an Ice Age and a Global Flood.  Even atheists, like Shermer, admit the former even if they reject the latter in spite of it being a better interpretation of the evidence.  

Beyond that, how do we know that it wasn’t 64 million years ago?  Or 66 million?  They love to throw out numbers and give the appearance of precision, but they know it’s just a smoke screen.  They have rock layers that have dinos in them.  They pretend the rock layers are 65+ million years old because they have dinos in them and they pretend the dinos are 65+ million years old because of the rock layers they are in.  Not everyone is stupid enough to believe that this is an honest way of determining ages.  Unfortunately for Shermer, not all humans are that dumb.

He continues, “The universe began with a big bang.”  Here, we see the idiocy of atheism in all its glory.  The ridiculousness of this statement is almost beyond necessitating a response.  No similar mechanism like a big bang has ever been found.  Order only comes from chaos under the influence of an outside, intelligent designer.  If you don’t want to accept that, it is because you are a DISHONEST SKEPTIC.  Atheists always wonder why I don’t give them more elaborate responses.  I don’t because why would I give someone an answer to someone after they’ve proven to not honestly handle the truth?  Like Christ, who never answered Herod, we ignore dishonest skeptics.  (Luke 23:8,9)  

What we observe in our daily lives is that everything gets worse unless intelligent influences, like God or humans, go and make things better. This is an absolute, universal truth.  Atheists don’t care, they reject these facts because they are bigots.  Shermer is a bigot.  Tell him that to his face.

He goes on to talk about conspiracies and opinions but then he gets into the meat of the article: the resurrection of Christ.

Shermer seems to reluctantly accept that Jesus Christ existed and may have been crucified.  He, strangely, leans on Bart Ehrman to validate these obvious historical facts.  Proving once and for all that unless you believe in the fundamentals of the cult of $cientism, then you cannot call yourself a scientist and an authority.  These truths are rejected by all $cientism’s disciples.  It is still true.

He goes on to talk about the resurrection of Christ specifically and says, “The principle of proportionality demands extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims.”  This quote is popularly attributed to Carl Sagan and is absolute rubbish.  Who decides if a claim is “extraordinary”?  Who determines if a piece of evidence is “extraordinary”?  Of course, Shermer, Sagan, and the other high priests of $cientism step in and say, “We do!!!”  Why, after all the deceptive tactics and lies would we allow $cientists that authority?  No honest person should.  These atheists don’t want honesty.  They want authority.  And they’ll stoop to any lie they need to in order to have that authority.  Shermer’s previous appeal to Ehrman proves just that.

Shermer moves on and presents atheistic, Jewish, philosopher Larry Shapiro, who tries to get around the historical facts of the resurrection.  Shapiro writes, “evidence for the resurrection is nowhere near as complete or convincing as the evidence on which historians rely to justify belief in other historical events such as the destruction of Pompeii.”  This is nonsense and Shapiro should stick to philosophy (Col 2:8) and leave off writing about history.  

Why would he compare a historical claim that by its nature would result in a LACK of physical evidence to a claim that would, again- by its nature, result in a huge amount of physical evidence?  Deciding to compare these two events shows the deceptive game these guys play.  A better comparison has been made between the life and events of Christ and the life and events of Alexander the Great.  That is an honest comparison.  But Shapiro and Shermer want to compare two different types of historical situations.  Par for the course. “A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.” Prov 11:1

If you were to compare the evidence for the events of the lives of Christ and Alexander, then you would realize that the claims of the Gospels are very good.  And if the claims of the Gospels are not “good enough” for your standards, then you have standards that very few historical claims will be able to meet.  But if you believe that Alexander did what history claims he did and yet reject the claims of the Gospels, then you are the worst kind of hypocrite.  Atheists are the worst kind of hypocrites, although on the resurrection, Muslims are not far behind.  

Shermer wraps up his article with another flop when he and Shapiro try to get around the eyewitness testimony of the Gospels.  “Maybe they “were superstitious or credulous” and saw what they wanted to see” Shapiro writes.  Then why in the blazes did they claim to not believe the resurrection before it happened?  Maybe Shapiro forgot that part???

Shapiro continues to theorize that, “Maybe they reported only feeling Jesus ‘in spirit,’ and over the decades their testimony was altered to suggest that they saw Jesus in the flesh.”  Evidence?  Absolutely none.  This is what passes for rigorous scientific process and logic with hypocritical atheists like Shermer.  Like the popular quote says, “Any port in the storm”!

Why don’t they talk like that when they write about Charlemagne or the Consuls of Rome?  Easy.  Because the atheist $cientists are not bigoted against them.  They are only bigoted against Christ and his claims to be “the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  They are motivated by emotional panic and they hope beyond hope that Jesus isn’t who he says he is.  

Unfazed, they continue: “Maybe accounts of the resurrection never appeared in the original gospels and were added in later centuries.”  Or maybe Peter was really a jelly donut and baptism means being put in powdered sugar!  There is the same amount of evidence for both claims in this paragraph: NONE!  Does that stop Shermer from republishing this article and all its nonsense every Spring?  No.  Because he is blind and evidence and truth matters not to him.

Finally, Shermer ends his article by demonstrating the poor reading skills of the great atheists of this world.  His last sentence reads: “Perhaps this is why Jesus was silent when Pontius Pilate asked him (John 18:38), “What is truth?””

Did ya get that?  This clumsy reader and writer (Shermer) couldn’t even properly copy/paste.  If he had, he would have noticed and written that Pilate didn’t ASK anything.  Pilate “SAID” the question.  Christ didn’t answer because he wasn’t asked anything.  

So this great bastion of reason, logic, and skepticism fails to be able to handle 5th grade reading comprehension.  Nice job, Mikey!

And what a mistake to make.  It shows the spirit behind Pilate and his statement is the same as the spirit behind the writings of men like Shermer and his buddies.  They are NOT interested in the truth and evidence.  They just want people to think that they are.  Sorry, Shermer.  But we are more than familiar with your material, but, “thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

Shermer is a dishonest skeptic as are all atheists.  


One thought on “Michael Shermer On The Resurrection: Typical $cientist

  1. There was a quickly written but long and blathering comment made by some atheist. He had a good point that forced me to edit the article and for that I am thankful.

    The rest of his comment was inconsequential and illogical and not addressing the topic at hand (Bible Versions), so I deleted it. If he wants to make another comment (or series of comments) he needs to keep it shorter.

    He thinks Christians are liars, but if what he believes is true, then natural selection made us Christians and liars. We are just clumps of cells. There is no meaning.

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