Response To A Lying Catholic Who Can’t Read Pt 4

Response To A Lying Catholic Who Can’t Read Pt 4

Today we will be looking at part 4 (probably the final response) to this series.  For the full background, please read the earlier parts.

As usual, my response is in bold.

Begin article:


You are resorting to personal attacks rather than addressing the topics at hand. This is not true.  I am literally going line by line “addressing the topics at hand.”  If this isn’t “addressing the topics at hand”, then nothing is.  You are trying to deflect and pretend that is happening to get the attention away from the fact that you’ve been proven to be a liar who can’t read.  Nice try though.  You’ve also created this church in your mind that never existed in the earliest centuries. No, I am talking about the church that JESUS CHRIST CREATED.  We can be assured of this because it follows the orders given to the churches in the New Testament.  If you can be sure of anything, you can be sure of this: The Roman Cat-o-holic Church does NOT match the church found in the pages of the New Testament.  If you want to believe that Christ lied and that the church he founded ceased to exist for 1000 years, then that is your problem.  You said, ” the Roman Catholic Church has rewritten history in order to cover up the existence of Bible Believing groups through history.” These are facts.  Not hard to find out about this.  If you choose to ignore this, then again, that is your problem.  The “Roman Catholic Church” wasn’t this global powerful organization until recently. What?  The state church of the Roman Empire wasn’t powerful?  Give me a break.  See the depths that Romanites will descend to, in order to cover their tracks.  This is a lie.  In 800, Charlemagne, the most powerful man in Europe had to get his crown from the Pope.  Of course, he was powerful.   What a liar you are, newlin83.  The early church was much more of an eastern church, and Rome had little power at all in comparison with modern times. Councils were held without anyone from the Roman church present. The early church was far more universal, and centers such as Antioch and Alexandria were more influential than Rome.  Now, it is YOU who is making up a church that never existed.  

You have to provide evidence that such groups existed continuously from the apostles to the present day, and not just resort to assertions. I have given the BIBLICAL proof that it existed, and no amount of Jesuit and papal intrigue can cover up that fact.  Any true student of history knows that “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”  So we look to the true Final Authority: the Bible.  It establishes the facts of history.  The true church cannot come and go, It didn’t. so you can’t just appeal to groups that appeared in the 11th century as the beginning of your church, True.  That’s why I didn’t appeal to that… and claim that records must have been destroyed of the truth believers. The bloody killers of Rome tortured these people, why would you assume they then accurately reported about them?  If you believe that, then I have some beachfront property in Kansas to sell you… Assertions without evidence are worthless.  Right, that’s why I gave you BIBLICAL evidence…

You listed groups, none of which had any visibility in the first 1000 years of the church “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”  except the Paulicans, who rejected the Trinity, Who told you this?  Their torturers?  I live in the former Soviet Union and no one here believes that the Soviet torturers accurately reported the “crimes” of the people they were torturing.  Some people just have more sense than Cat-o-holic apologists, like newlin83.  and weren’t present in the first 500 years of the church.  Before that, they were just called something else.  See how it’s done?   Do you hold to all the beliefs of the Paulicans? Obviously I don’t hold all the beliefs that they are supposed to have believed.  As I have stated before, I don’t believe the reports of their killers.  Of do you claim that they were destroyed, so it’s impossible to know what they believed? Obviously all their writings weren’t destroyed.  But what is left over is a tiny fraction of what they wrote.  You’re an illogical fool if you believe that one or two books truly and accurately represent what all or even most of the Paulicians believed in any time or any place.  But people who are ignorant of how the study of history works (like newlin83) can’t get that.  They abuse history just like atheists abuse “science”.  If you’re going to claim to be part of the church since Christ, you’ll have to prove that they’ve existed since that time. I did.  With the Bible.  Not the rewritten and corrupted “history” that comes from Roman historians. It’s been a tactic for a long time for various heretical groups to say, “we had the truth, but all the records were destroyed by the popes!” Assertions without evidence are worthless.  For another historical example, see how the Romans from before Christ corrupted the history of their archenemies, the Phoenicians.  Then look up Damnatio Memoriae or the “condemnation of memory” which is something practiced by autocratic groups since Babel.  These truths prove that the final arbiter of “history” is not the study of history, it is the Bible.  If you go by the Bible, you have to reject Rome and if you reject Rome, it’s not hard to see clearly that with all the evil coming out of Rome, covering up the facts of history is small change.  

I don’t think Francis is pope, nor is the church only in Rome. Thank you for your OPINION.  I don’t care.  What saith the Scriptures?  The church is spread throughout the entire world. I tried to explain my position, but you’re instead attacking a strawman by even mentioning Francis. Your belief in Franny changes nothing that I wrote.  Nice false accusation.  There are no strawmen.  I believe the Vatican II church is part of a new religion that is separate from the Catholic Church.  Thank you for your OPINION.  I don’t care.  What saith the Scriptures?  Plus this doesn’t get you out of the horrible problems of the Catholic Church of the Dark Ages.  You still accept the Pornocracy (the actual term used to describe how horrible some of the popes were and their control by literal prostitutes), the Crusades, the Inquisition, no salvation outside the Catholic church, and the council of Trent which curses Christ himself since he rejected the Apocrypha.  But if that’s no big deal to you, then nothing I say can help you.  

Please address the Nicene Creed. Do you accept it or not? I already answered this for newlin83.  The Nicene Creed is weak and if a man assents to it, he’ll still bust hell wide open if he doesn’t receive Christ as his Saviour by grace through faith.  Not everything is wrong, but it leaves out so much that I have to reject it.  If you do, how is your church “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic?”I don’t claim to be the church of the Nicene Creed.  I claim to be among a group of Christians who go by the New Testament.  The Nicene Creed doesn’t amount to much.  What saith the Scriptures? Your version of Christianity is rejected by the vast bulk of Protestants, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Coptics, and Anglicans. Who cares?  What saith the Scriptures?  I don’t see how you can claim to have any of the four marks in your church. If you are one, where are the other believers in your church in the 3rd and 4th centuries? Nameless small groups that were persecuted and slandered by Rome, both pagan and papal (same beast).  Called by their enemies Montanists, Arians, Donatists, Schismatics, Pelagians, Heretics, Gnostics, and Acephali.  I can point to the councils and say, “that’s my church” but you can’t, because you claim they were destroyed by Rome.  So I point to a book.  

End article.

I truly thank newlin83 for presenting this great example of a Bible rejecter who thinks he’s smart in spite of swallowing the corrupt Roman “church” history.  He swallows it hook, line, and sinker.

Dear reader, what about you?  Will you go by the Bible or what Roman historians tell you about history?  The choice is yours.  The eternal destiny of your soul depends on your choice.

Reject Rome and Trust Jesus Christ as your Saviour today, before it’s too late.

Jesus Saves. Rome Enslaves.

No hope in the Pope.


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