Which is Better? A Paper Pope or a Wicked, Murdering, Hypocritical, Christ Rejecting, Roman Pope Who Worships a Female Demon?

One of the many charges flung by Roman Catholic fools against a Bible Believer is that we follow a “Paper Pope”.  Their immediate intent is always somewhat unclear.  Maybe they are trying to make us seems more alike to them, ie. “We both have popes”.  Or maybe they are trying to imply that somehow a paper “pope” is worse than a human one.  Either way, those points are “pointless”.

In this article, I will address both intents by saying that the King James Bible is our Final Authority and that is superior to the Roman Catholic idol shepherd in Rome.

Above all, the RCC brings this argument up in order to say this: If the Bible is your Final Authority then why is there so much disunity between people who should believe the same thing?  They say: We Roman Catholics have unity because we have a better final authority than you Bible Christians.

The answer to these charges is the reason for this blog’s existence.  This blog seeks to provide answers to seekers from a King James Bible that has been rightly divided.  Rightly dividing is just proper dispensationalism.  When a Christian believes the King James Bible is the Final Authority and rightly divides it, then he will have unity with other Christians who do the same.  When a Christian or group of Christians does not believe the King James Bible and does not rightly divide it, then he will end up a complete mess.  On top of that, they will not have unity with someone who DOES rightly divide the King James Bible.  Furthermore, if someone doesn’t rightly divide the King James Bible, they will find it hard to have unity with someone else who has the same error.

Let me give some examples.  Lutherans don’t believe the King James and they don’t rightly divide.  So they not only can’t have unity with me, they also can’t have unity with a Charismatic.  They can’t decide who is right or wrong because they have no final authority and they can’t figure out dispensationalism.  So a Charismatic says a Christian should speak in tongues and a Lutheran doesn’t and they just have to agree to disagree because they don’t have a Final Authority and couldn’t handle it if they did.

Having grown up in a Lutheran church, I know how they deal with these doctrinal issues.  They just don’t talk about it.  I spent 20 years in that church and they never broached the subject.  If a man spent one hour on this blog, he would have nothing short of 30 arguments and Bible verses to show the problems with Charismatic doctrine.  I was told from the pulpit of a conservative Lutheran church that if a JW knocks on your door, just slam the door in their face.  What a joke…

A real Bible Believer has none of these issues.  I can take a Bible (King James) and ask the question, “What saith the Scripture?”  I can then pick up a Bible, because I have one (a King James Bible, not a pile of lost, Greek manuscripts called the “originals”)  and I can answer the question.  If I happen to find a verse that seems to fit Charismatic or Lutheran doctrine, I will ask myself simple, common sense questions.  I will ask, “Who is writing?” And, “Who is the audience?” And, “What is the context?”  In reality, I will ask that question about every single verse in the Bible.

With my King James Bible and those questions, I will NEVER have to resort to “That’s just your interpretation?”  Who cares about anyone’s interpretation?  To blazes with your interpretation.  WHAT SAITH THE SCRIPTURES?  What did God say?

The Catholics never want you to ask “What saith the Scriptures?”  They want you to worry about interpretations, because then they can step in and pretend that the pope can tell you what the correct interpretation is.  Of course, they will take a couple of steps to get there, but they’ll get there.  They will ask about historic interpretations ie. the church “babies”, erroneously called the “Church fathers”.  But everyone must also admit that the church babies contradicted each other.  There are almost no doctrines that the church babies unanimously agreed on.  So the RCC will use this argument only to get you to the point where you give up trying to figure out the truth and just submit your mind and conscience to the authority of the Roman Pontiff.

And so, with all the background to this argument covered, we will now look at why the Bible is a better Final Authority than the pope.


First I would say that the King James Bible is a better Final Authority because IT HAS NEVER SINNED.  The Bible says in Ps 199:140, “Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.”  Of course, the Bible is not alive in the same way that a person is alive, although it is alive in other senses, Heb 4:12. One could argue that a book couldn’t sin, but that is irrelevant to the point.  The point is that the Pope is a sinner.  He sinned when he was a kid.  He sinned yesterday.  He sinned today.  He will sin tomorrow.  He’ll sin everyday for the rest of his life.  This is a fact.  All men sin.  The pope is a man.  Therefore the pope is a sinner.  Simple.

I almost feel bad for pointing out the fact that having a sinful final authority is a bad idea because it is so obvious.  You shouldn’t need a Bible to know that all men are sinful.  Of course, people mess with the definition of sin to the point where they can believe that no one is a sinner.  But even the slightest nod to the authority of the Bible should be enough to make a person admit that all men are sinners.  Supposedly, Roman Catholics profess some belief in the authority of the Bible.  That should be enough.

If the Pope is a sinner, how can you have him as the ultimate arbitrator of truth?  We all have authorities in our lives that are humans.  That is true.  But these human authorities, be they Pastors, teachers, parents, or governments are not, nor can they ever be our FINAL AUTHORITY.  A sinful final authority makes a bad foundation for building your life.  We could even call it, “sinking sand”.  Always remember that the quote by Lord Acton of, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” comes from the context of Papal Infallibility.  Lord Acton was a Catholic until the day he died, but he was honest enough to admit that there are problems with having a sinner, like the pope, as your final authority.  His problem was he never read enough Bible to figure out that a better Final Authority exists: the Bible.

So the King James Bible, rightly divided, is a better Final Authority than the pope because the pope is a sinner.

Next, I would say that the “Paper Pope” is better than the Pope in Rome because of HISTORY.  Here I am not addressing the Argentine socialist Jesuit named Franny, but I am speaking of the office as a whole, whoever may be filling the post.

Besides the Bible, the greatest argument against the Roman Church is history.  If a person would take a long clear look at the history of the men who wore the Papal mitre, they would have to admit that they are killers on par with the followers of Muhammad and Marx.  They would have to admit that the RCC, Islam, and communism are systems that spread mostly by the sword.  Nevertheless, they all love to hide and pretend that they are all about peace.  Basic knowledge of history clearly demonstrates these professions to be lies.  The fact that these belief systems remain popular illustrates the lack of knowledge about history today, not just in America, but around the world.

I remember taking a gen-ed history class in college.  A couple of my classmates were Roman Catholics, at least by profession.  I remember walking out of one lecture about the Inquisition or the Crusades or some other blood soaked period of Roman Catholic history and asking my friend how he could think that a church that did those things could be the real church.  He responded that all institutions have issues in their history and he walked away.  This response reminds me of an ostrich which just hides it’s head in the sand during times of trouble.  The three institutions that have caused the most death are Roman Catholicism, Islam, and atheistic Communism.  No other systems are even close.  The numbers don’t lie.

To try and wiggle out of these charges many would claim that the Old Testament verses about holy war and killing heretics are the reason that the RCC has acted the way it has.  But then we would just get point to the importance of rightly dividing the word of truth.  Verses in the Old Testament or even in Revelation are 100% incompatible with Christ’s and Paul’s teaching for the church.  Look at the Book of the Acts.  “Acts” is short for “Actions”.  The proper actions of the church are found in that book.  You will never find Roman Catholic practice or action in the Book of the Acts.  We stay out of politics. (Matt 22:21) (Although many of the brethren, with incorrect but good intentions, want to join up with Trump.).  Bible Believers don’t torture heretics, they reject them (Tit 3:10).  We don’t kill Muslims, Jews, and homosexuals.  We preach the Gospel to them.  Popes, Muslims, and Marxists talk about peace and love, only Bible Believers actually practice it.

We could provide the specific examples of the bloody fruit of Roman Catholicism, but really this information is so readily accessible that there is no need.  We will just mention by name the medieval Inquisitions (multiple), the Roman, Spanish, and Portuguese Inquisitions, the nine large crusades against Muslims (the fourth was actually against Orthodox Christians), the Northern Crusades, the Reconquista of Iberia, uncountable pogroms against the Jews, the Hussite wars, much of the horror of the Thirty Year’s War, the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, the Ustashe in Yugoslavia in WWII, and, of course, the clear connections between the Vatican and the Nazis.  Whole books could be written on the subject.  We haven’t even gotten into conspiracy theories of which many point to the Roman Catholic Jesuits, but this small sample proves the point: Rome is a bloody killer.

Catholics will counter that Protestants have blood on there hands as well.  We don’t defend Protestantism.  Bible Believers don’t join church and state like Protestants do.  The “acts” of the Protestants is as far from the Acts of the Apostles as the RCC is in this regard.  Also, the numbers of people killed by Protestants is far smaller than the number killed by the Catholic Church.  The Roman Catholic defense to the point doesn’t hold water.

They say that Rome never changes.  This English cliche really says a lot.  If Rome never changes, then the Rome of today is the same as the Rome of the torture chambers of the Spanish Inquisition.  If you are able to learn any lesson from history, you should learn that the Devil has a bride to counterfeit the Bride of Christ.  As Christ’s bride tries to be like Christ, the Devil’s bride tries to be like the Devil and although the Devil will change with the times, his most basic attributes remain the same.  He is a liar and a killer and his bride is the same.

Now we will look at the third reason that the Bible is a better Final Authority than the pope.  The pope CHANGES and the Bible does not.  We have said that Rome never changes, but in reality the most notable feature of the RCC is the fact that it does change on the outside.  The Bible does not change on the outside or the inside.  Ps 119:89 says, “For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.”  If it’s “settled” then it’ll never change. My “Paper Pope” is the same no matter where you go in the universe and to wherever you go in time.  It is “For Ever.

The same cannot be said for the pope.  This does not contradict the fact that “Rome never changes”.  As I said, the most basic attributes remain the same.  For at least 1500 years, the Papacy has pushed for earthly power and authority.  It desires to keep the Bible out of the hands of the common people for it knows that you cannot be Bible reader and a Roman Catholic.  The two don’t mix.  The RCC will kill wherever necessary.  But Rome’s outward profession and methods will change and have changed many times.

The RCC used to preach that only Roman Catholic’s go to heaven.  Now, not so much.  They used to preach that Luther was damnable heretic.  Now, not so much.  Some popes thought the Templars and Jesuits were heretics and sought to abolish them.  Others thought that they were exemplary Christians.  They have wavered on their stance on clerical celibacy.  They wavered on eating meat on Friday.  They have gone back and forth on many ideas about indulgences.  They used to take a firm stand on Geocentrism (technically different than modern Geocentricity) and now they claim to be Heliocentrists.  They used to have the mass in Latin only.  Now, not so much.  In some parts of the world today, most Catholics are Conservative.  In other parts of the world, the agents of the pope preach radical socialism.  The list could go on… The point is that the pope is a bad final authority because it changes.

On the other hand, the Bible is unchanged.  We can say with absolute certainty that we Bible Believers have the same Final Authority as a Christian in 100 AD.  There is literally no danger that I will pick up my Bible tomorrow and it will say something else.  Before the Second Vatican Council, Catholics spent much effort defending the Latin mass.  After the Council, the Church (pope) decided all that work was pointless.  There is no similar problem when you are a Bible Believer.  Our Final Authority does not ever change.

So we see that because the pope is a sinner, because of the history of the papacy, and because the papacy changes all the time, that the Bible is a better Final Authority.  Call it a “Paper Pope” if you like.  It is still better than a human pope.  The enforced unity that supposedly exists with the corrupt Roman politician that worships a female demon is a facade.  If the Roman Church really is God’s organization manifested on earth, let I say let’s join up with Richard Dawkins and enjoy our new lives as atheists.  But as I said, the real answer is to go by the Bible and admit that what the Bible says about the RCC is true: it is MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT.  No wonder the pope hates that Book so much.


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