Is Muhammad the Fulfillment of Deut 18?

Muhammad as Moses


Just as Muslims pervert the New Testament prophecies of the Holy Spirit to point to Muhammad, they also do the same in the Old Testament with a prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ himself.  This thievery is laughable when we go over the scriptures. Unfortunately, so many Christians have no familiarity with the Book so the Muslims go on in their ignorance without a truthful answer.  By the grace of God, we should be able to give a good answer to these people.


Let us state the obvious at the beginning.  There is no prophecy in the Bible about Muhammad.  The only possible exception would be the prophecies about “an Antichrist” in the book of 1st John.  Few Muslims would like to claim such a connection. We have already examined their false claims to “exalt Jesus” while at the same time passively mocking him.  


Here is the issue: Deuteronomy 18:15-21 gives a prophecy to Moses that a future personage will be “like unto him”.  That is a prophecy of a second Moses. Peter in Acts 3:22 and 23 says that this prophecy is fulfilled in Christ. Muslims say that the fulfillment is Muhammad and that Peter is a liar.  How exactly that fits in with the Quran’s prophecy that the followers of Christ (Peter) would be superior until the day of resurrection (Surah 3:55) is anybody’s guess. Nevertheless, that is the argument simply stated.  


For an example of the prevailing attitude of Muslims (and the failure of traditional Christianity to have a decent answer) on the subject of Muhammad in the Old Testament, we turn again to our old friend, Ahmed Deedat, and his book, The Choice: Islam and Christianity.  Just like on the Bible version issue, Deedat spent his time actually arguing with a South African Dominee about the prophecies of Deuteronomy 18.  You don’t need a spoiler alert to figure out that the Dominee gave an answer that was sadly typical of a lazy Calvinist who spends his time reading old theology books instead of his Bible.  His answer wouldn’t satisfy anyone who was looking for the truth.


Deedat asked the Dominee what are the traits that make Christ the fulfillment of the prophecy.  The poor theologian’s only two answers were that Christ and Moses were both Jews and Prophets.  A man like that has no business behind a pulpit. He should have been able to give ten without hardly thinking about it.  But he could only give two.


Of course Deedat jumps at the opportunity to make the “Christian” look foolish.  He asks why that wouldn’t qualify every other writer in the Old Testament as well.  He’s right, by that standard then Daniel, Isaiah, and Malachi could all qualify as the Prophet like unto Moses.  But we know that Christ and not the Old Testament prophets are the fulfillment of Deuteronomy 18.


Since the Dominee was thoroughly stumped, Deedat moved on.  He gave 3 reasons that Moses and Jesus were not alike.  They were 1: Jesus is supposedly God and Moses was not. 2: Jesus supposedly died for the sins of the world and Moses did not. 3: Jesus supposedly went to hell for 3 days and Moses did not.  I added the word “supposedly” because Muslims don’t believe these three things, but Deedat is trying to use the Christian’s argument against him.


In answer to this question, we must remind Deedat how the English language works.  I know that English is not his first language, so this reminder will be gracious. Notice the particular words of the prophecy “LIKE unto me…”  “Like” does not mean “exactly the same”. This is how all the “Types” and “Type Pictures” work in the Bible. They are never 100%. That is why God, who is an expert on the English language, used the word “Like”.  If Jesus Christ was 100% like Moses, he would actually BE Moses. I have always explained this with the illustration of the Mona Lisa. We look at that famous painting and we say that “is” Mona Lisa, but Mona Lisa is not a painting, she is a person.  The painting does not eat, but Mona Lisa does. So we say that “Pictures” and “Types” are never 100%. Even children get this. But for some reason scholars who try to get around the teachings of the Bible have a nasty habit of forgetting how this all works.  That answers Deedat’s three reasons.


We could add more to his list of three and still Jesus Christ would be the fulfillment of the prophecy in Deuteronomy 18.  We could have 50 differences and yet, Jesus Christ could still be the fulfillment of Deuteronomy 18. That is how the English language works.  The question is: What are the similarities? And if there are more similarities between Moses and Christ than Moses and Muhammad, then Christ is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Deuteronomy 18.  


Next, Deedat moves on to reasons why the prophecy points to Muhammad instead of Christ.  He proposes to give 8 of them. 1: They both had a father and a mother. 2: Both were born naturally as opposed to the virgin Birth of Christ. 3: Moses and Muhammad were both married (to multiple women as probably the same time, I might add).  


Here we must add a comment.  No one in there right mind can claim these points.  I fulfill these points (except for the multiple marriages…).  They are as relevant as the source of the salt used to season their grilled lamb.  So, his 8 reasons has been whittled down to 5.


#4: Jesus was rejected by his people.  One wonders why this isn’t part of Deedat’s reasons why Christ couldn’t have been the fulfillment, but anyways… Here, Deedat displays his ignorance of the book of Exodus.  Moses WAS rejected by his people: the first time. There are, in essence, two comings of Moses. He tried to rescue the Jews in Exodus ch. 2:11-15. Here, Moses is rejected just like Christ was at his first coming.  Moses was accepted at his second coming just like Jesus Christ will be. So, Deedat’s “reason why Jesus was unlike Moses” actually turns into a reason that Jesus Christ was like Moses, when you actually read the story instead of looking at what a Dominee has to say about it.


#5: Christ has an “other-worldly” kingdom as opposed to Moses.  This is similar to our argument for #4. Moses was a king (Deut 33:5) only at his second coming.  And so will Christ in Rev 11:15 and a hundred other references.


#6: Christ gave no “New Law” and Moses and Muhammad did.  His proof is Matthew 5:17,18 which says, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”  So, in a sense, Deedat is right.  But, Deedat left out a couple of verses, as usual.  John 13:34 says, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”  So there are new commandments that don’t destroy what Moses gave, but they magnify it, to use the words of Isaiah 42:21.  


#7: Moses and Muhammad died natural deaths as opposed to Christ’s supposed crucifixion.  We have demonstrated, time and again, how Deedat thrives on people’s ignorance.  Here is another example. People need to know how Muhammad died. This topic rarely comes up because of how embarrassing it is to Islamic people.  Muhammad spent his whole life cursing women and Jews. He said that most of hell would be filled with women and said that at the end of the world Jews would flee from the Muslims in battle and would hide behind trees that would shout to the Muslims to get the Jews that will be hiding behind them.  


That is the background to one of the greatest ironies in the history of religion.  Muhammad died by eating poisoned lamb that a JEWISH WOMAN fed him. Oh, the irony. More detail will be given on this topic later.  


Moses, on the other hand, died a natural death, although what happened afterwards is quite unique.  


So we see that Muhammad’s death is more like Christ’s than Moses’.  But Deedat pretends that Muhammad died like Moses and crosses his fingers and hopes that no one checks him out.  Sad to say, most people don’t check their facts and they let men like Deedat lead them astray.


#8: The abode of their body after they died.  Deedat ignores the book of Jude and pretends that Moses’ body still lies in the ground in the land of Moab (Det 34:6).  If so that would make Muhammad more like Moses than Christ who rose up and ascended into heaven. But the great monkeywrench of Jude 9 along with the sudden appearance (bodily) of Moses with Elijah in Matt 17 shows that after Moses’ soul departed, something strange happened to his body.  His body ascended up into heaven unlike anyone else, including Muhammad. So Christ’s and Moses’ body aren’t in the ground today. But Muhammad’s is. Deedat is wrong again.


So Deedat’s argument falls flat on its face.  Muhammad and Moses actually have very little in common, if the Bible is true.  Obviously, Deedat doesn’t believe that but it is sad to see that most Christians cannot capitalize on the glaring flaws of Deedat’s arguments.  That is our job.


We have probably provided sufficient evidence that Christ is the fulfillment of Deuteronomy 18, but we will give more and in a comprehensive list.


  1. Both were sons of Jacob, ie. Jews.
    1. Moses – Ex 2
    2. Christ – Matt 1
  2. Both had attempts on their life as babies.
    1. Moses – Ex 1:22
    2. Christ – Matt 2:16
  3. Both were rejected when they first showed up to Israel. Muhammad was, ironically, accepted by most Jews and then rejected, later.  
    1. Moses – Acts 7:23-25
    2. Christ – Luke 19:14
  4. Both were not raised by their father.
    1. Moses – Acts 7:21
    2. Christ – Luke 2:49
  5. Both fasted 40 days.
    1. Moses – Ex 24:18
    2. Christ – Matt 4:2
  6. Both their faces shone on while on a mount.
    1. Moses – Ex 34:29
    2. Christ – Matt 17:2
  7. Both appoint 70 followers.
    1. Moses – Ex 24:1
    2. Christ – Luke 10:1
  8. Both cure leprosy
    1. Moses – Num 12:10-15
    2. Christ – Luke 17:11-14
  9. Both had three offices: Prophet, Priest, and King.
    1. Moses – Deut 34:10, Ps 99:6, and Deut 33:5
    2. Christ – Acts 3:22-26, Heb 7, and Rev 19:16
  10. Both preached to a type of Antichrist.
    1. Moses – Pharaoh
    2. Christ – Judas
  11. Neither was ever sick.
  12. Both of their bodies didn’t stay in graves.
    1. Moses – Matt 17, Jude 9
    2. Christ – I Cor 15
  13. Both lead the Jews at their 2nd coming.
    1. Moses – Acts 7:30-36
    2. Christ – Luke 1:32,33
  14. Both were protected in Egypt.
    1. Moses – Ex 2
    2. Christ – Matt 2:13-15
  15. Both went through water.
    1. Moses – Ex 14:21,22
    2. Christ – The Great Deeps, Matt 14:25
  16. Both were a mediator.
    1. Moses – Ex 32:32
    2. Christ – I Tim 2:5
  17. Both were drawn from water.
    1. Moses – Ex 2
    2. Christ –
  18. Both fed Israel with bread in the wilderness.
    1. Moses – Ex 16
    2. Christ – Matt 14:13-21
  19. Both were shepherds.
    1. Moses – Ex 3:1
    2. Christ – John 10:11
  20. Both have gentile Brides.
    1. Moses – Num 12:1
    2. Christ – Eph 5:32


The evidence speaks for itself.  The fulfillment of Deuteronomy 18 is Jesus Christ and not Muhammad.  The contest isn’t even close. No one could look at the evidence, as it is presented in the King James Bible, and still believe that Muhammad is the Prophet of Deuteronomy 18.  But as we have noted before, most of the Islamic arguments rely on the fact that, even in the 21st Century, most people are completely ignorant of the Bible. Our job is to change that fact, person by person.  That is the “labour” of Matt 9:37,38.


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