Why The King James Bible? Outline For Your Visitation Bible

Why the King James Bible

  1. Promise of Preservation.
    1. Matt 24:35, Psalm 12:6,7
    2. It has to be somewhere or Jesus and David lied.
  2. Time of Publication.
    1. Of the 7 periods of church history, Philadelphia is credited with having “kept my word” by Jesus Christ.
    2. This Philadelphia church age corresponds to about the years 1500 to 1900.
    3. The King James Bible was finished in 1611.
  3. Correct Greek Text.
    1. Majority Support KJB.  About 4000 for it, and a couple dozen against it.
    2. Collected in Syria. (Good connotation in NT.)
    3. Revival followed text through history.
      1. Patrick, Ulfilas, Waldensians, Luther, etc.
  4. Preeminent Place it gives Jesus Christ.
    1. I Tim 3:16: God manifest in the flesh.
    2. I John 5:7: The clearest verse on the Trinity.
    3. Phil 2:6: Christ is equal with God.
    4. Luke 2:33: Other versions call Joseph Christ’s father.
  5. Ability of Translators.
    1. Lancelot Andrews, William Bedwell, John Bois, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,etc.
  6. Use of Italics.
    1. Ps 16:8 and Acts 2:25 “he is” not in Hebrew but quoted by Peter.
    2. No Copyright. (I Tim 2:9)
    3. 32 Million books in Library of Congress. Only one was never copyrighted: KJB.
  7. Its Language.
    1. Words like: Propitiation, Hell, Study, Sodomite, Whoremonger, Filthy Lucre.
    2. Use of Thee and Thou.
Singular Plural
Nominative* Objective* Possessive* Nom Obj Poss
1st I Me My* We Us Our
2nd Thou Thee Thy* Ye You Your
3rd He/She/It Him/Her/It His/Hers/Its They Them Their


*= Mine/Thine replace my/thy if the following word starts with a vowel or an “h”.

*= Nominative is the subject of a sentence. Ex: I see my dog.

*= Objective is the object of a sentence. Ex: My dog sees me.

*= Possessive shows possession. Ex: I see my dog.

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