Hank Hanegraaff’s Reason for Joining the Orthodox Church vs the Bible

Hank’s reason is as follows:

“My belief in what the historic Christian church has always taught about the Eucharist.”

I can appreciate when people boil down the issue like this.  Notice that there is nothing in his reason about WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS.  That is Hannegraaff, the so-called Bible Answer Man, decided that what men taught was more important than what God said.  This is the main problem with the Church Fathers.  I agree, that if they are to be taken seriously, we should all join the Eastern Orthodox Church.  But a real Bible Believer doesn’t give a flip what the Church Fathers said.  Christ said, “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” in Matt 23:9.  How can you care what someone says who can’t even get that simple truth straight?

John 6:57 and 63 clearly teach that the Lord’s supper is spiritual and not literal.  The “Fathers” blew it…

My attitude: When the Church “Fathers” say one thing and the Bible says something else, the Church “Fathers” can go plumb to the Devil…


Other statements that are rejected by anyone with a Bible and a Brain:

“Up unto the time of Luther, everyone believed in the Real Presence.”

Baloney.  There have always been Bible Believers who didn’t think they were eating Jesus Christ at the Lord’s Supper.  This point is so simple that I don’t even have to prove it.  What did Paul believe?  Did he believe that he literally drank blood at the Lord’s Supper and rejected Gen 9:4, Lev 7:26,27, and Acts 15:20,29?  Are you going to follow Paul, Peter, and James and not drink blood?  Or follow the Church “Fathers”?


“It is the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, therefore we must take it seriously.”

I take what the Bible says seriously.  You have the freedom to reject the Bible and go with the words on men.  Jesus Christ (not a Church Father) said this in Mark 7:9, “Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

There it is.  I found the “Bible” Answers Man in the Bible.  He is a Bible Rejector and instead of being a Bible Believer, he is a Church “Fathers” Believer.


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