Visitation Notes for dealing with Roman Catholics #1

Roman Catholic #1


Tradition: The RCC will prefer tradition to the Bible.

  1. Mark 7:7-13 – It’s vain and it makes the word of God of none effect.
  2. Col 2:8 – It can “spoil” you. Like a city getting destroyed.

Mary: The RCC treats Mary like a member of the Godhead.

  1. Matt 2:11,13,20,21 – Mary always given 2nd place.
  2. Col 1:18 – Christ is to have the preeminence.

Mary’s Sinlessness: The RCC believes that Mary was conceived w/o sin and raptured w/o dying.

  1. Luke 1:46,47 – She was a sinner.  Only sinners need Saviours.
  2. Luke 2:22-24 – What was the sacrifice?
    1. Lev 12 – esp vs 6,8 – God said this was a sacrifice for sin.
  3. Luke 11:27,28 – Keepers of word are more important to Christ than his mother.
  4. Acts 1:14,15 – Chance for Mary to intercede.  She said nothing.
  5. I Tim 2:5 – Only 1 mediator.  It is a man.

Perpetual Virginity: The RCC believes that people require abstinence to be holy.

  1. Matt 1:25 – “Firstborn” son. But removed in Modern Versions.
  2. Matt 13:55-57 – List of family.
  3. Mark 6:3,4 – List repeated.
  4. John 2:13-17 – See where vs 17 is a quote.
    1. Ps 69:8,9 – This is applied to Christ in John 2.
  5. Gal 1:19 – James is Christ’s brother (in Greek, it’s αδελφός=adelphos)
    1. They claim this word means “cousin”.
  6. Luke 1:36 – Here is “cousin” (συγγενής=sungenās)
    1. “Cousin” and “brother” are not the same word in English or Greek.
  7. I Cor 7:5 – Mary would have been “living in sin” if she remained a virgin.
    1. Context is marital relations (vs 4).

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