Visitation Notes for Dealing with Lordship Salvation

Lordship Salvation

  • They say: “If Christ isn’t Lord of all, he’s not Lord at all.”

John 1:12 – Absolute threshold for salvation.  No “repent of your sins.”

Repentance is to agree that what the Bible says about you is accurate.

Matt 7:21-23 – If you’re saved, God knows you. These people are trying to get into Millennial Kingdom.

Gal 3:9 – God knows you.

Rom 12:1,2 – Paul preaching discipleship to saved “brethren”.

  • Discipleship different than salvation in Church Age.

I Cor 1:2 – Corinthians are saved.

I Cor 3:1 – Corinthians are carnal.

I Cor 5:1 – Saved, Carnal and their sin is so bad that the world knows about it.

Rom 7:15-25 – Paul and all Christians have 2 natures.

  • One wants to sin and one wants to do right.

Acts 10:9-16 – Peter tells God, no.  Still saved.

Acts 21:3,4 – Paul went to Jerusalem anyways.  Still saved.

Matt 26:56 – Christ’s own disciples left him.

II Tim 4:16 – Paul’s followers left him.  Still saved.



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