Why the King James Bible is Better than the Originals

Why the King James Bible is better than the originals

Jer 36 – Originals destroyed, but then God made copy that was better (vs. 32).

  1. It exists. (Ecc 9:4)
    1. Multiple copies. Only one original.
  2. All books together.
    1. No complete Greek Bible until after 200 AD. No Hebrew until 1599 AD.
  3. Universal Language.
    1. No one speak Koine Greek, so you’re at the mercy of lexicons.
  4. Spaces between words, punctuation, lower case.
    1. Originals written in scriptio continua. Ex: oppurtinityisnowhere.
  5. Chapters, Verse, Paragraphs.
    1. Chapters added in 1205 by Stephen Langton
    2. Verses added in OT by Rabbi Nathan Kalonymus in 1440.
    3. Verses added in NT by Robert Estienne (Stephanus) in 1551.
  6. Millions saved reading King James.
  7. Philadelphia church period given credit for having “kept my word” (Rev 3:8)
    1. This period typically dated from 1500-1900.
  8. Premillennial Order.
    1. Ex: 2 Chron (Jew told to go back to land-1917), Ezra (Jews actually return-1940s), Nehemiah (Jew rebuild in the land- 1950 to present), Esther (Gentile bride dumped for Jewish bride- happens at Rapture), Job (type of Tribulation), Psalm (chapter 2- the King comes).

Why God picked English

There must be a final authority. Deut 25:13-16

  • Must be Protestant
    • Spain and France had their chance.
  • Worldwide
    • 1.2 Billion English speakers.
    • 2 Billion by 2030.
    • 50% of European Union, 85% of Israel.
  • Must be connected to a King. (Ecc 8:4)
    • Antichrist has mouth like lion.  Lion connected to England. (Rev 13:2)
  • England connected to absolutes.
    • Time- Greenwich Mean Time.
    • Location – Longitude measured from Prime meridian in Greenwich, UK.
  • Miscellaneous language characteristics.
    • No throaty sounds. Better for street preaching.
    • Etc, etc, etc…

7 thoughts on “Why the King James Bible is Better than the Originals

    1. Well, you really got me there… I guess I need to reject any Bible as my final authority and reject the Deity of Christ like you do… HAHAHA.

      Anyways, if you are actually looking for the answer, I will give it. Any EDITION is fine. Most of the changes between the two are updates to spelling and printing errors getting corrected.

      For a more in-depth answer, see here: https://www.chick.com/reading/books/158/158_05.asp

      Again, one of the best reasons to be King James Only is that the alternative is to believe in nothing, just as an atheist.


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