Notes for Charismatics for your visitation Bible


I Cor 12:13 – All Christians have Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I Cor 12:29,30 – Not all speak in tongues

Acts 2:2 – Initial evidence of the Holy Spirit is a rushing wind.

  • They aren’t praying for the Baptism.
  • This is the 12 of 1:16.  Not the 120 of 1:15.  This is for the 12 apostles only.

Acts 2:4-11 – These are known tongues.  Not gibberish.

Mark 16:17,18 – Acts 2 is partial fulfillment of this prophecy.

I Cor 1:22 – Signs are given to Jews.

Ex 4:1-9 – Jews are given signs so they would believe.  This is never promised to the Gentiles.

John 4:43-48 – Jews need to see signs.

II Cor 12:12 – Paul given signs to prove apostleship.  PAST TENSE.

Ps 74:9 – Prophecy that signs would cease.

Acts 1:21-26 – Qualifications for apostleship. (Paul is the exception)

II Cor 11:13-15 – False Apostles.

Rev 2:2 – Lying Apostles.

II Thess 2:9 – Antichrist will have signs.  How are signs proof of God’s blessing?

Acts 2:1-11 – These are unknown to speaker and known to hearers.  Sign to Jews.

Acts 10:45,46 – Same.

Acts 19:1-7 – Same.

I Cor 14:22 – What happened in Acts was a sign to unbelieving Jews.  These are not “unknown”.

I Cor 14 – These are unknown to hearers.  That’s why KJ translators added “unknown”.

Rules for unknown tongues: One at a time – vs 27

2 or 3 at most – vs 27

Interpretation required – vs 28

Don’t lose physical control – vs 32

No women – vs 34


Matt 8:16,17 – Partial fulfillment during Christ’s earthly ministry.

Phil 3:21 – Fully fulfilled when believer’s get new bodies at Rapture.

Ps 103:1-3 – Promise to Jew at the end of the Tribulation.

James 5:14-16 – Promise to Jews.  No Christians healed 100% by this.  

I Tim 5:23 – Paul no longer healing.  Recommends medicine.

II Tim 4:20 – The gift from the Gospels, Acts is gone.

II Tim 4:11 – Paul kept Luke with him.

Col 4:14 – Luke was a doctor.  

I Cor 12:9 – Luke has gift of healing.  That’s what we call “doctors”.  But none are 100% like in Acts.

Mark 6:5,6 – No faith on part of the sick.  It’s not necessary in real healing.

Luke 5:18-25 – Forgiveness more important than healing.

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