Calvinism notes for your visitation Bible



Is 55:6-9 – Clear distinction between the mind of god, man.

Ex 35:5,21,22,26,29 – Their own heart made them willing.

II Chron 31:14 – Free will offering.

Eze 18:32 – Created for his pleasure, but they still die.


Total Depravity – inability to freely believe on Jesus Christ.

I Chron 29:9,17 – They are doing by their own will

II Chron 1:10,11 – It is in solomon’s heart.

Ezra 7:10 – Ezra prepared his own heart

Is 55:6 – God commanded people to seek

Acts 10:2 – Trying to do work, so God sent a witness.

John 1:9 – Every man has some light.

Matt 23:37 – Sovereignty of man.


Unconditional Election – God picked, before Genesis 1, some men to heaven, some to hell for no reason.

  • Que sera, sera….
  • Fall of Adam

John 3:16 – Whosoever

John 7:17 – Any man…

John 9:31 – Any man…

John 9:32 – He was lifted up at Calvary.  This answers John 6:44.

Rom 10:13 – Whosoever…

II Pet 3:9 – Any, All…

Rev 22:17 – Whosoever will…


Limited Atonement – The atonement is limited to those whom God already chose before Gen 1.

  • So messed up, many Calvinists abandon it.
  • Pink: to affirm that Christ shed his blood for the sins of all mankind, is to be guilty of charging him with rebellion against the sovereign will of God…

John 1:29 – Sin of the world.

John 4:42 – Saviour of the world.

John 6:51 – for the life of the world.

John 17:9 – World has to mean world. Not just elect

Satan is the God of the world.  The god of the elect?

II Cor 5:14 – Christ died for all.

I Tim 2:4-6 – All men in vs 4 is all men of vs 1.  Not just elect in either place.

I Tim 4:10 – Saviour of all men.

Heb 2:9 – For every man.

I John 2:2 – For the sins of the whole world.

Suddenly, they become dispensational and put this truth on jews only.

I John 4:14 – Saviour of the world.

2 Pet 2:1 – Even redeemed false prophets.

  • Luke 19:10 – Are only elect, Lost?
  • Rom 5:6 – Are only elect ungodly?
  • I Tim 1:15 – Are only elect sinners?
  • I Pet 3:18 – Are only elect, unjust?


Irresistible Grace – God send his HS to work in the lives of people so that they will definitely and certainly be changed from evil to good people.  He does this in a sovereign and irresistible way.

  • Why has God made so many americans get saved and so few Japanese, Sudanese, and Albanians?

John 5:40 – They’ve been invited, but they won’t come.

Acts 7:51 – They resist, so did fathers.

II Tim 3:8 – Corrupt mind, reprobate because they resisted the truth.

Prov 29:1 – Sounds like God can be resisted.

Prov 1:24,25 – They refused the call of God


Perseverance of the Saints – Often mistaken for Eternal Security.

  • All saints will persevere.  If they don’t, they’ll return.
  • If they don’t return, they were never really saved.
  • Proof is works.
  • “The only evidence of election is effectual calling, that is, the production of holiness.
    • How much holiness is enough?
  • Great example is Lot.  Did he persevere?

I Thess 5:23 – Preserved.

II Tim 4:18 – God will preserve.

Jude 1 – Preserved in Christ.

  • Mandarin oranges.  Good not because they persevered.



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