Mystery Babylon=USA?

The following letter was written in response to an email sent by a good brother about the following YouTube video.  I hate to give them any credit but you need to know the context. It’s not really worth watching…



It has a deceptive title.  He says nothing about the end of the world in October.


As for USA being Mystery Babylon….

I think there are some things that point to it, but I go deeper.

There are some things in the Rev 17 and 18 that can only fit the Roman Catholic Church.


17:18- it’s a city. Not a nation.

17:9- It sits on 7 hills.  USA doesn’t.

17:4- Connected to Purple, Scarlet, and a cup.  These are Catholic, not USA.

18:24- guilty of all the martyrs of all time.  This fits the Catholics as the foremost descendant of the works based religion founded at Babylon after the flood that spread throughout the entire world.  It’s been killings true believers worldwide since Gen 11.  Can’t be USA, it’s too young.


The connections to the USA are there and I’ve struggled with that for a while.  But what I’ve seen is that the USA is a tool of Rome.  And in that sense, Jer 50 and 51 seem to fit.  I see this country as a puppet of the RCC and the Jesuits.  I think the USA gets destroyed around the beginning of the Tribulation, but the fulfillment of Rev 18 is Rome, not the USA.


Hope that makes some sense.

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